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“Gina Corso combines music knowledge and professional experience to help create future performers.” – The Mantua Sun

One woman is on a quest to create a musical community in South Jersey. Gina Corso, a.k.a. Jersey Gina, and a 1999 Clearview Regional High School graduate, is a professional acoustic and electric violinist and music instructor from Mantua.

With a violin first in her hands at the age of 2, Corso now portions her time between teaching private lessons and performing as a soloist, within a duo, quartet or as part of an orchestra.

Last week, Corso held a recital for all the students and families she serves.

“The idea behind Sunday’s student showcase is to bridge connect all of these separate communities based on our own interest in music as a hobby,” she said.

Ten students gathered with their families at the Scotland Run Golf Course in Williamstown to showcase their developing skills.

Vy Do, a Pleasant Valley student and violinist said she was not nervous to perform in front of the crowd last weekend. Caroline Miller, another Pleasant Valley student, said what helps make music enjoyable is Corso herself.

Not wanting to hold a standard recital where students play a practiced piece and simply walk off the stage, Corso’s recital was meant to be part lesson. Available to the 80 people in attendance were cakes and auction items all donated by local businesses.

To prepare these young artists for future performances, Corso first played a song with each student before allowing the young musicians to perform solo.

“Every student up there was making mistakes but they got through it,” she said.

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